The world needs what you see differently.



How are you spreading your ideas? 


Last year I undertook a journaling challenge that pushed my perceptions of self and purpose in this world.

This year I distilled those findings into an internationally published book so that others may undertake a similar path of personal inquiry.

The results of this is Today is Perfect: A Daily Ikigai Journal.

I’d love for you to spend a few moments a day to reflect on your most valuable use of time in this world.

Every person has value to share. What is yours?



Topics include (but aren’t limited to): 

  •  Early Stage Startup Ideation

  •  Cultural Cohesion/Diversity 2.0 in the digital age

  •  The Foundations of Collaboration

  •  Creative Entrepreneurship

  •  & Whisk(e)y 

Past appearance include:

General Assembly, Uncommon Podcast,

Future Assembly, Startup Victoria meetups,

Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine,

Female Founders Group, Capital Raising Masterclass 


Some of the places I publish:

The Limen Datum


Events, articles, musings, talks and intellectual debauchery

for those who live an un- siloed life of inquiry. 

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