My Story

Hi! I’m Ren.

I’m an innovation specialist with over 10 years of global experience.

I make big, scary, transformation projects fun and exciting!

It has to start somewhere.

The Genesis

My first, and most valuable transformation project was my mother’s career. At 49 she had her life upended. It was time to make a big shift. I set her on the path to becoming self-employed for the first time in her life. Over 15 years later she’s still growing her own sustainable business.

My Values











My Approach

Ren Butler has driven growth within startups, innovation and ecosystem capacity building in Australia for the past six years. She is passionate about leveraging technology and frameworks to connect humanity.


Her experience spans teaching, applied technologies and business systems. Having moved from California to Melbourne seven years ago, Ren has dedicated herself to studying the connections between society, science, and business for over a decade across seven countries. This landed her in the curious and amazing world of tech startups and innovation, fostering effective connections between knowledge, resources, and people.

She’s fostered hundreds of concepts from idea to product, built international partnerships, and launched dozens of first-time founders into their entrepreneurial journeys.

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